Semen Pills

Our editors here at get the same question from men who’ve tried semen volume capsules for a few months. “Wow – how do they work so well?” The reason that herbal semen supplements work so well is actually rather simple.

The top semen pills work so well because they contain a potent blend of ingredients known for centuries to boost semen production. However it’s only been recently that scientists and doctors have worked together to blend all these compounds together into one safe and potent formula. Each semen volume pill contains a few of their own ‘secret’ ingredients, but in general they are comprised of 10-15 vitamins and minerals known for their ability to dramatically increase semen production.

Semen capsules such as Volumaxx and Semenax work within the body to dramatically increase and enrich the seminal fluids which make up 98% of semen (the other 2% of semen is comprised of sperm). Generally these products will provide a noticeable improvement in the first few weeks – and by months 3 and 4  many men will experience an increase of up to 500% in the the ejaculate volume they product. Another top-rated semen booster is Volume Pills, although they are not quite as effective as our top picks. Accordingly, ejaculation strength and orgasm intensity experience a similar increase, as there is much more volume of seminal fluid to be ejaculated through the urethra.

The benefits of using a proven semen supplement are many, and these products have already been enjoyed by millions of men around the world. If you’re thinking of taking a natural semen supplement to boost your load size – you really can’t go wrong. Of course there are some cheap ‘imitator’ products out there – most of which are cheap knock-offs that are made overseas – usually in China. We recommend you to stick to the top-rated and popular brands which are almost always manufactured in the USA in FDA regulated laboratories. For more information and reviews of the top selling semen pills, check out the ‘top-rated’ link on the navigation menu.

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