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If you’re one of the many men looking to increase their semen production – you’ve come to the right place! After about age 20, testosterone production in men starts to decline, and this gradually have a negative effect on several aspects of male sexual function. Chief among them is sperm and semen production – and this is why men usually see the amount of their ejaculate decrease as they get older.

While many men fondly remember shooting huge wads of semen in their younger days – many of us reach a point where only a small amount of semen is expelled during ejaculation. Along with this diminished volume of semen produced, the force with which the semen is ejaculated is also greatly reduced. As teenagers guys are used to shooting their sperm several feet – while later in life it’s not uncommon to have semen ‘dribble out’ at climax.

The good news is that you can overcome this common sex problem for men, as many products now exist which can substantially increase your semen production, and help you ejaculate with force and power once again. With the success of other male sex enhancers for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation – many companies have focused their efforts on semen enhancement pills, with impressive results.

Today these ‘sperm pills’ as some men call them – can work to boost testosterone and other male hormone levels, resulting in up to a 500% increase in semen volume, and improved general sexual function. The other ‘good news’ about these semen enhancers is that along with increasing semen production up to 5 times – men will experience noticeably stronger and longer-last orgasms as the body works to ejaculate the bigger semen loads.

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